the difference between a warehouse management system WMS vs enterprise resource planning ERP

WMS vs ERP | What is the difference?

Let’s take the OMG out of choosing between having a standalone WMS or using an ERP solution with WMS functionality. Ever wondered what the difference is? Why do some businesses need both and why can some do just fine with using ERP only? Size is definitely a deciding factor on which system is best suited and required at the time.

What is WMS?

A WMS solution is specifically designed to optimize your warehouse operations by allowing you to manage the real-time movement and storage of inventory within one or many locations. Generally, a legacy WMS is a standalone solution. It enables you to track the movement of each inventory item from when it’s received, picked, packed, and shipped. It should also provide a level of automation utilizing scanning interfaces to optimize fulfillment.

The power of ERP

An ERP solution will automate business processes across all departments of a business. This includes your accounting, order entry and processing, purchasing, inventory management (often including WMS functions), eCommerce, and Customer relationship management. It’s an all-in-one solution that gives you a 360 view of your entire business all at the click of a button. An integrated ERP and Warehouse Management System offers a much greater return on investment.

ERP solutions are generally a lot easier on the pocket compared to WMS. You get a lot more bang for your buck. If you’re still thinking OMG, it’s always best to get some guidance from a pro who will do a needs analysis and give you a test-drive for you to make an informed decision based on your company size and unique requirements.

Hope this took the OMG out of your choice between WMS and enterprise resource planning (ERP).

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