Why Wealth & Asset Management Firms Switch to Sage Intacct

Why Wealth & Asset Management Firms Switch to Sage Intacct

Entry-level accounting software can only take you so far. As your business grows, you require an advanced financial management solution that will help you operationalize your processes and workflows. Never before have financial markets been more in action. Baby boomers are retiring. Millennial and Generation Y investors are entering their prime earning years. Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing and governance is growing. Consumer expectations for a technology-enabled customer experience are trending up. Investor loyalty is trending down. Unfortunately, if you’re a wealth or asset management firm CFO whose organization still uses entry-level systems, you’re likely unprepared to weather this growing storm of change. In this guide, we discuss why wealth and asset management firms switch to Sage Intacct.

Sage Intacct is purpose-built to solve wealth and asset management accounting problems, with features and capabilities others don’t offer.

When your CEO asks for a report on your firm’s financial performance over the past two years by location, you need to be able to respond to them in minutes — not days later. That’s exactly the kind of nimbleness Sage Intacct enables. As a best-in-class, multi-dimensional general ledger (GL) system, Sage Intacct lets users easily capture granular financial and operational data in a manner to fit their exact needs. 

It’s purpose-built to help your entire organization work more effectively and efficiently anytime, from anywhere, right from day one. In fact, research shows firms that use Sage Intacct can increase Accounts Payable efficiency by 50-90% and grow revenue 2-4x with little to no additional headcount. 

That’s because Sage Intacct:

✓delivers immediate visibility into your firm’s data via real-time financial and operational reports and dashboards that are easily customized to illustrate the metrics that matter to your organization;

✓gives you the flexibility to tag transactions with customized dimensions, and the ability to filter reports;

✓lets you easily share custom financial views with key stakeholders — such as executive team members and investors — who require real-time insight for decision-making;

✓allows you to share only what needs to be shared — you create the access controls and permissions for your firm, so users can’t see sensitive information;

✓integrates easily with other existing processes and systems using an open API;

✓has an extensive network of partners such as Bill.com, American Express, Salesforce, and others to facilitate seamless data flows; and

✓protects data using the latest in cloud security protocols.

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Why Wealth & Asset Management Firms Switch to Sage Intacct

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