Third-Party Development: What You Need to Know

Third-party development can simplify processes as there’s an app for nearly everything, but do you know whether creating a customised software solution will provide the results you need? There are questions you need to ask a developer, such as Brilliant Link, to determine whether third-party development is the best fit for your business. Before building a customised software solution, you need to weigh up the pros and cons.

Is a customised software solution necessary?

Assess whether your current software will suit your needs or if a third-party development will enable your business processes to run more smoothly. Out-of-the-box solutions rarely offer a perfect fit. If your pre-packaged software doesn’t integrate with your other systems, doesn’t provide the functionality you require, or it isn’t scalable, it might be time to consider third-party development. Having a customised software solution created can provide your business with a competitive edge as it will seamlessly integrate with your business processes.

Third-party development: DIY or developer?

Consider whether your customised software solution will require ongoing maintenance and support or if it involves complex data integration. Would you be able to undertake this yourself? If not, it’s important to find a developer who understands your business and can develop a customised software solution built to spec. Your third-party development needs to be built using sound development principles ensuring ease of maintenance and stability. Another important factor is whether your customised software solution is scalable and can integrate across multiple business apps, such as Sage Evolution, giving you a strategic advantage.

Calculating the cost of third-party development

Having a customised software solution built doesn’t mean you need to hire a team of developers. Outsourcing to a technology partner, who speaks your language, is a more cost-effective route. It’s important to engage with a reputable company  to ensure the ongoing maintenance and possible additional functionality required within the application is readily available. Another important consideration is whether the third-party development will be built from scratch or if it can be built on an existing platform, lowering costs significantly.

Brilliant Link offers customised third-party developments which are developed in-house by a team of innovative software development specialists. Best of all, our apps will integrate with any Sage Evolution module. Call us and we’ll develop a cost-effective customised software solution for your business.

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