A cost-effective and efficient accounting software solution which streamlines the logistical task of running multiple branches or entities

Sage Evolution Branch Accounting is the smart solution for companies that manage multiple branches or multinational branches.

For a cost-effective and time-saving resource, the bi-directional Sage Evolution Branch Accounting module will optimise efficiency by consolidating financial data both at branch and head-office level.

Keep your financial information secure, accurate and up to date with this powerful accounting software system.

Sage Evolution Branch Accounting


  • Improve productivity and visibility by incrementally synchronising the entire Sage Evolution database between head office and branches.
  • Head office is able to maintain control over branches by setting user permissions for each, limiting what can be viewed and changed. Branches will be restricted to global or branch-specific information.
  • Information from each branch will be consolidated and stored on head office’s central system and shared at branch level. Inventory, financial and pricing data are consistent across the Sage Evolution Branch Accounting system, with instant updates if product prices are changed at head office level.
  • Head office will be able to view branch-specific transaction records at any time, as well as perform inter-branch transfers and use inter-company loan account functionality.
  • Sage Evolution Branch Accounting allows users to implement preferred account structures, numbering structures, accounting periods and standard operating procedures.
  • Your financial information is encrypted using key identifiers, ensuring confidentiality at all times.
  • Branches will be able to create specific transaction types and master files for branch-specific processing needs.
  • A comprehensive audit trail with unique branch-specific numbering will be created, allowing you to monitor user activity and transactional history.
  • Produce reports quickly and easily with Sage Evolution Branch Accounting. Customise your reports with Sage Intelligence Centre.
  • Should you lose connectivity, you will still be able to transact, and your data will remain secure.


Brilliant Link can implement the Sage Evolution Branch Accounting module to suit your needs. We offer the four options below:

  • Sage Evolution Branch Accounting Option 1: Centralised (Online)
    The centralised option allows for the creation of a single database, but with branch accounting segregation and functionality. Head office and affiliated branches will be able to log into the database via terminal services or another means of direct access.
  • Sage Evolution Branch Accounting Option 2: Decentralised (Offline)
    Using an FTP server, branches can operate independently of head office, with unique prefixes for branch-specific transactions being allocated by the system. Data is synchronised into the head office database for consolidated maintenance and reporting. The frequency of both uploads and downloads can be specified according to your company policies and procedures.
  • Sage Evolution Branch Accounting Option 3: Multinational Scenario
    Multinational corporates can implement Sage Evolution Branch Accounting. The company will need to take a decision on which currency to report in, but using the Sage Evolution Multi-Currency add-on modules will enable their branches to trade as normal. For consolidated reporting and converting different currencies to a selected currency, multinationals will also need to implement the Business Intelligence Centre module.
  • Sage Evolution Branch Accounting Option 4: Multi-Company Scenario
    Do your branches represent various types of entities? Is head office a trading company? No problem! We will create head office as a ‘holding company’ to enable consolidated reporting.

Get Sage Evolution Branch Accounting today! We can install and implement this accounting software solution seamlessly.