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Unleash the potential of your business with this powerful management tool

Sage Evolution accounting software will unlock the burgeoning growth of your business, giving you a holistic view of your financials, stock and payroll at a glance. Manage your HR needs, handle orders effortlessly and keep tabs on your financial data with this tool which has an array of add-on modules.


Trusted Brand

Trusted Brand

For over 20 years, Sage Pastel has been the name accountants trust in business and financial software. Sage Evolution has been developed for the African market and complies with international financial reporting standards (IFRS), accounting standards and is now implemented in many other countries worldwide.
Fully Integrated

Fully Integrated

Sage Evolution is built with a wide range of features and functionality and it is complemented by a number of add-on modules, allowing the solution to be a scalable, flexible and a robust management tool. Integrated Business Activity Management functionality is woven into the core accounting package, providing you with a holistic view of your business, as both accounting and operational data reside in the same system.
Lowest Total Cost

Lowest Total Cost

Unlike other software vendors who require large teams with expensive skills to deploy enterprise resource planning (ERP) functionality, Brilliant Link’s solutions offer the lowest total cost of ownership because they are quicker to deploy and requires less configuration and training.
Easy to Use

Easy to Use

With many years of experience in software development and with thousands of businesses using our software, Sage Pastel has an in-depth understanding of what makes software usable and flexible. Sage Evolution is both intuitive and easy to implement and use.
Specialised Models

Specialised Models

Sage Evolution has a range of add-on modules that cater for industry specific needs. The modules seamlessly integrate with Sage Evolution’s core financials, are cost-effective and can be rapidly deployed.
Simplified Reporting

Simplified Reporting

Sage Evolution Intelligence Reporting allows you to manipulate data in any way you need to, to design specialised reports that give you a competitive edge. With Sage Evolution Intelligence Reporting, you can see trends in your business that would otherwise be difficult to recognise, and you can slice and dice data through “what-if” scenarios, enabling you to run ideas through your financials.
Improve Relations

Improve Relations

Sage Evolution CRM gives your business the competitive edge. It is a powerful tool that allows you to track, analyse and manage customer and supplier interactions, allowing you to be proactive in meeting and exceeding their demands. Sales Force Automation helps you track and manage sales opportunities which are precious in today’s competitive business environment.
Access to Skills

Access to Skills

Because Sage Pastel Accounting is so widely used by thousands of clients, the resource pool is large, which means that skilled staff are easy to find.
Increased Productivity

Increased Productivity

Use Sage Evolution’s unique Business Activity functionality to set and manage employee tasks and productivity. You will be able to view graphical representations of which activities have been closed and which are still open.
Extensive Support

Extensive Support

With our award-winning contact centre in South Africa supporting our in-country business partners, you will be assured of first class support.




Work smarter not harder with Sage Pastel Payroll. Sage Pastel Partner Payroll caters for the full spectrum of requirements, from pre-defined standard sets of transactions, to more powerful and customisable features and functions. Meet your monthly SARS obligations efficiently and easily with Pastel Payroll software which does all the hard work for you at the touch of a button.
Our dedicated focus and specialist expertise are the reasons why more businesses choose us as their preferred tax, HR and payroll partner.

Pastel Payroll: Key Features

  • An on-screen status bar indicates which period your payroll is currently in.
  • All the transactions you require are already created for you upon installation.
  • Capture payslip data in a batch format or process the payslips in “real time” mode with live on-screen calculations.
  • Quick and easy termination or reinstatement of employees. You can also quickly set up new employees by linking them to a pre-defined employee profile that automatically populates their default transaction information.
  • Pastel Payroll allows you to link all employee information such as CVs, letters of employment or disciplinary letters. Notes can also be linked to external documents such as spreadsheets. Assign an action date to each note and print “to-do” lists based on these action dates.
  • Store relevant information, such as photographs of your employees, for easy identification.



With Sage Pastel Payroll 5-in-1, your business will receive five products at one price. Sage Pastel Payroll 5-in-1 gives you access to the full spectrum of requirements, from predefined transaction set to powerful, customisable functions, and it offers enhanced functionality. This business management tool is suitable for any size and type of business.

Pastel Payroll 5-in-1: Key Features

Human Resources Management
  • Performance reviews and disciplinary actions can be done correctly and accurately. There are 66 pre-defined disciplinary options to choose from and it can be customised to your needs.
  • The HR system ships with standard HR forms and templates to print and use during your HR processing.
  • You will receive a free employment contract template.
  • Print a timeline of events to view all the HR processes pertaining to an employee in sequence.
  • Keep track of company assets in your employees’ possession, for example, company cellphone, laptop, etc.
Self Service
  • Pastel Payroll 5-in-1’s web-based self-service tool is a secure online application which enables employees to manage their own information online, including applications for leave, loans, bursaries and travel claims. Employees can also view their payslips and update personal information.
  • Self Service makes use of workflow capabilities based on the organisation chart which indicates the hierarchy and reporting structures of each department involved in the approval procedure. The administrator has sole access to create and amend the workflow structures.
  • Pastel Payroll 5-in-1’s Self Service is a hosted solution and the application sits in the cloud, which means companies are guaranteed quick deployment at low implementation cost.
  • Coming Soon: Bulk Capture will allow transaction batches to be created and captured online, helping line or branch managers to submit payroll values to the payroll administrator in a batch format. Should branches need to submit their weekly wages and hours to head office for processing, the branch manager captures and submits this information online through the Self Service website synchronising that information with our Pastel Payroll 5-in-1 software.

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Salary Structuring
  • With this tool, you can simply structure a total Cost-to-Company remuneration employee package, according to the employee’s letter of appointment. Once you enter the total package value and various package components, Sage Pastel Payroll & HR will calculate the value of the remaining Cash Component and update the employee’s payslip with the structure you define.
  • You can make use of the Nett-to-Gross Package calculation to accurately determine the Gross Basic Salary required to ensure that the employee receives an agreed-on Nett Pay amount in each pay packet.
  • Salary Structuring’s Multiple Transactions Manager allows you to, for example, give the entire company an increase based on either a set value or a specific percentage and to process a production bonus or commission by only using one screen.
  • The tool enables you to put your entire workforce on leave over shutdown periods quickly and easily.
  • And you’re always able to make global changes to any transaction in the Payroll System to all or a selection of employees.
Third Party Payments
  • This Pastel Payroll 5-in-1 feature includes payments to medical aids, pension funds, provident funds, garnishee orders and retirement annuities. There will be no more manual capturing required with a once-off beneficiary (third party) set-up.
  • Any company deductions or contributions can be paid to the relevant company at the click of a button, with Third Party Payments.
  • And it’s a product with which you can eliminate human error and save valuable processing time as well as obtain a detailed transaction listing report per employee and party.

Brilliant Link Pastel Payroll
Brilliant Link Snapshot Dashboard Reporting


Brilliant Link sells and supports Snapshot Dashboard Reporting which enables direct extraction of data in real time. This tool will assist in not only analysing sales data and manipulating it in any way, but also in visualising purchasing trends on each product line. Track your stock and identify which customers aren’t buying from you. Snapshot Dashboard Reporting will enable you to visualise your P&L statement and drill down into areas that require more investigation.



  • It displays business analytical tools including show charts, graphs, maps, pivots or grids as well as operational and financial information.
  • It provides amazing drill down functionality, changing the view dynamically.
  • It is accessible from any mobile device through a normal internet connection, and can be customised to your individual preference, and automatically set for who can view specific information through user permissions.
  • It allows you to choose between community dashboards and customer dashboards. Community dashboards make use of standard fields and transactions and are available to all users on that database. Customer dashboards are customised to your business’s internal operations, using custom fields which have been added to the Core Accounting solution. Customer dashboards are only visible to your business.


Get this masterful inventory tool through Brilliant Link as an add-on module for your Sage Evolution software. This affordable cloud solution will assist with the following: reducing time spent planning, forecasting and ordering stock; reduce stock-outs and increase sales; and improving cash flow by reducing excess inventory. With easy inventory visibility, this tool will give you an holistic view of your business as well as the ability to receive early warnings about items needing attention.



  • Dashboard: Get an overall view of your inventory progress and manage service levels and track stock easily with key performance indicators.
  • Recommended Orders: Sage Evolution Inventory Advisor will manage your inventory intelligently by recommending what, when and how much stock to order, in line with your stocking policy.
  • Classification: Save yourself time and hassle through classifying items into Obsolete Items, Non-Stocked Items, A, B and C category items, and Slow Movers, Medium Velocity Items and Fast Movers.
  • Forecasting: Sage Evolution Inventory Advisor’s ForecastPRO™ forecasting engine enables you to do the impossible: forecast every item in your warehouse and adjust these forecasts, as needed.
  • Stocking Policy: Monitor your stocking inventory by putting a stocking policy in place. Sage Inventory Advisor will base every recommendation on your pre-defined stocking policy.
  • Stock Enquiry: This handy tool will enable you to trace all the relevant details of your stock, from viewing all the details of a stock item, handling Bills of Materials, to comparing the forecast with stock history.
  • Consolidations: Sage Evolution Inventory Advisor will enable you to have a big-picture view of your stock, sales, forecasts, customer order and purchase orders as well as the consolidation or aggregation of ERP locations.
Brilliant Link SAGE Inventory Advisor

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