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Sage Pastel Accounting Products and which one you should use for your Business

There are a variety of packages available. Here are some Sage pastel products for your accounting needs. Choosing between them all can be difficult which is why we created this simple comparison on what each product offers and which one you should choose. Each business is unique and so are your accounting requirements. We will review all of the different Sage Pastel Accounting products and which one is best for your business.

The first step to choosing the correct Sage accounting software solutions is being honest with yourself about the size of your business. Smaller businesses can survive using more limiting options such as Sage One which is an affordable cloud business accounting software. Your suggestions and needs are the number one driver of all the innovations during the accounting software manufacturing/Development.

For larger corporations with more complex needs, Sage 200 Evolution (Previously known as Pastel Evolution) can be tailored to meet your specific business requirements. Sage offers many business accounting software packages and we’ve created an easy to digest comparison to make your life easier. At Brilliant Link, we also offer training on how to use Sage Pastel. Find out how you can save time and drive productivity with these solutions.

In this guide, we detail the difference between Sage accounting software, South Africa. This guide will help you choose the best small business accounting software.

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this comparison will help you choose which sage pastel accounting version you should get for your business
the difference between sage 200 evolution and sage 100 evolution and sage 50 cloud and sage one accounting software south africa comparison

Sage 200 Evolution

Of all the Sage Accounting Software solutions, Sage 200 Evolution is the crème of the crop. It is an ERP solution that goes beyond just accounting. It is a fully integrated business management solution. Sage 200 Evolution offers every option available on offer. The list of features is shorter if we list the options it doesn’t have.

Here are the Sage 200 Evolution features and Functions:

MS SQL database managerYou may use multiple currencies for those businesses that operate in different locations
1 – 300 users (you may request more if needed)Receipting, Time & Billing & Point of Sale
Use for an Unlimited Amount of companiesDebtors manager and Bank Manager
No restrictions on the number of financial yearsSerial number tracking
User-defined fieldsMulti-store, Bill of materials & Manufacturing
General LedgerUp to 5 users on the Sage mobile app for those remote working circumstances
Sage 200 Evolution is the only SAGE accounting software that allows you to segment GL accountsLot tracking, Fixed Assets & Payroll
Offers an unlimited amount of cash booksCustomer Relationship Management with Sage Evolution CRM. There are standard and premium options available.
Customers, Quotations, Invoices & SuppliersPricing Matrix, Customer Account Consolidations & Customer credit management.
Purchase orders, InventoryCustomer credit risk management, Schedule Invoicing & Annuity Billing
Gives you the option to Segment Inventory itemsCustomer zone, Retail Point of Sale & Branch Accounting
Import cost allocationsProcurement, Municipal Billing, Voucher Management & Delivery Management
ProjectsInformation Alerts.
Report writer
Stationery Customization

A best-in-class option of all the accounting packages, Sage 200 Evolution is your All-in-one software for those businesses who need integrated software that allows you to have a full view of your business in one place. It’s more than just Accounting software it accommodates even the complex needs of manufacturing accounting. For manufacturing businesses, you an track your spending from raw material to the finished product. This solution caters to the forward-thinking business owners’ expectations. Great for small business to large organizations.


9 out of 10 Accountants prefer Sage Pastel Accounting Software

Sage 100 Evolution

What is the difference between Sage 200 Evolution and Sage 100 Evolution? The majority of the core product features are the same, however, Sage 100 Evolution does allow you to segment inventory items and also excludes the General Ledger feature. Sage 100 evolution is incompatible with a few of the available modules as well. You can not use job costing, manufacturing, lot tracking, customer account consolidations, customer credit risk management, scheduled invoicing, annuity billing, retail POS, branch accounting, project tracking, procurement, or municipal billing.

get sage 200 evolution from brilliant link a sage pastel accounting software platinum business partner

Unlike on Sage 200 Evolution, Sage 100 evolution does not give information alerts.

If less is more for you then Sage 100 Evolution will get the job done. If you only need access for 1-10 users then this software package will do.

Remove a few more scoops and you have Sage 50Cloud Pastel Partner.
sage pastel accounting software

Sage 50Cloud Pastel Partner

The core features of Sage 50Cloud Pastel partner are similar to those of Sage 100 Evolution with a few slight differences. Sage 50 cloud does not offer unlimited users. You are limited to a maximum of 20. You can also only run a maximum of 2 financial years and a total of 30 cash books. This is the only Sage accounting package that offers Time & Billing as well as receipting.


For those businesses with less complicated needs, this accounting software solution will do just fine


Remove a few more scoops and you have Sage pastel Xpress start-up.

Did this help with choosing the perfect Sage Pastel Accounting Software Package for your Business?

Sage One

If you want all the power of Sage accounting software but are a little smaller in scale and budget then Sage one is the solution for you. Sage one is a cloud-based solution that uses an online database manager. It has all the core features except the ability to segment inventory items.

This cloud accounting software is compatible with a few add-on modules such as:

  • Project tracker
  • Customer Zone
  • Payroll
  • Sage mobile app
  • Bank manager with feeds from your bank accounts to your accounting system.
  • Debtors manager
  • POS
  • Time & Billing
  • Intelligence Reporting
  • Multi-currency

If you want a little more power, then you might want to consider getting Sage One instead, a Sage online accounting system for entry-level business. Keep your accounting Sage.

We’ve made this comparison to make your journey of choosing the perfect Sage Pastel Accounting software for your business. If you are up for a full scoop of options then give us a shout and we can come and demo Sage 200 Evolution for you. Perhaps you need the advice of a pro who will do a full needs analysis and advise you as to which accounting or ERP solution is best for your specific business. Brilliant Link is a platinum-certified Sage Pastel partner. Take advantage of these solutions to enhance productivity.

As a leading Sage business partner, we’d be glad to assist you in navigating the journey of choosing the right business management and accounting software system for small businesses, medium-sized businesses, or growing businesses looking to scale their operations.

It is essential to ensure that you invest in a solution that fits your unique business requirements. Small business owners generally tend to rush to the lower-cost entry-level software such as Zoho Books, or Quickbooks which results in a higher cost of lost opportunities due to a lack of advanced reporting and integration capabilities.

Choose a system that has all the required payroll features, accounting features, cash management & bank feeds to track your bank transactions, CRM, and more.

Have you outgrown your entry-level accounting software for small businesses, such as Quickbooks online? Let us help you select a system that goes beyond basic accounting capabilities. Keep accurate track of accounts list, ledger accounts, manage operations, boost the productivity of products and services, and enjoy real-time visibility of your financial information.

Before you take out your credit card and buy a license for the first solution you found on Google, take a step back, speak to an experienced consultant on 011 792 9521 and get the guidance you need for choosing the solution for your business.

Sage offers a range of accounting solutions, including on-premise, cloud, and online accounting software. As a platinum business partner for Sage 200 Evolution & Sage Intacct, we would be glad to guide you in choosing the ideal solution for mid-market businesses looking to get paid faster through the automation of sending invoices and staying on budget with real-time visibility & tracking expenses at the click of a button. Continue browsing the business management solutions that we offer.

Double-entry bookkeeping means that every transaction entered both debits and credits in different nominal codes. This means that your trial balance always balances. Sage, of course, is a double-entries accounting system and so will do this automatically. Track your sales tax accurately with best-of-breed systems.

Bookkeeping software, including an entry-level free trial, offers general financials such as account payable and a chart of accounts. However, ERP software is more than just accounting software. You can conduct accurate time-tracking, track inventory, bank feeds even capture customer’s online payment and simplifies bank reconciliation. If you’re looking for more than just small business accounting, and require business management software for small businesses, let us guide you in choosing a system that offers more than just accounts payables and receivables. Speak to a consultant today to help you choose the ideal accounting program for your business.

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