real estate cloud accounting in 2021

Real Estate Cloud Accounting

Real estate firms, from development to property management, are faced with an ever-evolving financial landscape. Weathering today’s environment while adapting long-term strategies calls for speed and accuracy in financial insights that on-premises accounting technology and spreadsheet reporting simply don’t provide. It is why firms choose proven cloud-based financial management solutions to help them evolve from the tactical to the strategic — by boosting productivity 25-60%. In this guide, we discuss Real Estate Cloud Accounting.

Multi-entity management, built for real estate

As your entities or customer base grow, manual processes drain your productivity, making it difficult to analyze your expanding range of data. While you’re managing multiple entities and operating companies, increased demands for more complex and frequent reports, and a changing regulatory landscape, we’ve built our financial accounting software with you in mind. Sage Intacct real estate customers have experienced efficiency gains up to 60% and dedicate more time to strategic decision-making. We provide intuitive core accounting with a dimensional general ledger, continuous consolidation and drilldown across multiple entities, easy-to-use reporting and dashboards, workflow automation, and rock-solid audit trail.

Real-time visibility and insights

Finance leaders need visibility into financial and operational metrics to make data-driven decisions. Sage Intacct’s robust real-time reporting allows you to consolidate and drilldown by location, facility type, tenant, customer, and more in minutes, not hours or days. Every transaction in the system is tagged with dimensions (i.e., grouping of related records), so finance teams can sort, view, filter, and report on the specific information they need. Using these in-system tools, our real estate customers spend less time creating financial statements and more time analyzing them.

real estate cloud accounting

True cloud technology with open API  

As an innovator in the cloud space, Sage Intacct has honed a true cloud model. Sage Intacct was built to deliver multi-tenant financial management, on a platform purpose-built for finance. This allows all users to be on the same version, without complicated and expensive upgrades. Our open API provides a connection to existing or future systems. This means you can leverage key data from property and lease management, expense management, payroll, budgeting, CRM systems like Salesforce, and others to track metrics that are essential to your real estate firm.

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