Brilliant Link Sage Evolution Case Study: Ocular Technologies

About the Company

Company Name: Ocular Technologies

Industry: Information Technology

Software Used: Sage Evolution v7.10.0.108

Add-Ons: Bank Manager, BIC, Procurement, Contact Management, Multi-Currency, Fixed Assets.

Sage Evolution Case Study: Ocular Technologies Project Description

Ocular Technologies specialises in contact centre technologies, services and performance enhancements and has made its mark as a preferred outsourced professional services partner for large-scale corporates, SMMEs and government affiliates.

Meetings with management identified the following benefits which are expected to be realised for the system to be considered successful:

  • A functionally integrated system ensuring an efficient flow of transactions and elimination of the duplication of tasks resulting from a non-integrated retail point of sale system.
  • The primary objective of this point is to have all the key financial data in a single location facilitating effective analysis and reporting.
  • Improvement in reporting timeframes and real-time visibility and tracking of project expenditures against budget (accepted quotation by customer).
  • Accessibility and usability of the system allowing for:
    • Release of skilled resources;
    • Reduced reliance on key staff members;
    • Accountability – transactions can be traced back to the staff member responsible;
    • Ease of access to information inputted into the system; and
    • Ease of access to job function relevant reports.
  • High level of integrity and accuracy, measured by:
    • Consistency of information;
    • Accuracy of information especially relating to stock control and management; and
    • Timing and availability of data.

The project consisted the implementation of the Sage Evolution Bank Manager, Contact Management, Fixed Assets, Multi-Currency and Procurement Add-On Modules integrating into the back office Sage Evolution Financial System in order to facilitate effective planning, analysis and control for the company.

The main purpose of the project was to deliver a solution which would allow for visibility of all processes relating to the day-to-day running of Ocular Technologies’ core business, and the integration of inventory, sales and financial processes in one place. All transactions between Ocular Technologies and its prospective and eventual customers, as well as suppliers need to be logged in the ERP system. There was a requirement to have a direct link and traceable connection in Sage for the entire life-cycle of a transaction with a client, from the initial meeting with prospective clients, to the first quotation, acceptance of the quotation, purchase order sent to suppliers to fulfill the project with their own clients.

Ocular Technologies source goods from International Suppliers- Account Balances and transactions posted against these accounts need to be recorded in real-time and tracking should be available against all transactions against projects.

Layouts for purchase orders and invoices needs to stay the same as the one currently used, which was generated in Excel. Sales order quotation layouts also need to match invoices.

There also needs to be a focus on determining the optimal structure of the Sage Evolution System required in achieving the short term objectives of the stakeholders while providing scalability for future growth.

Sage Evolution Case Study: Ocular Technologies Final Result

After an initial kick-off meeting with senior management and affected stakeholders at Ocular Technologies, process workshops were conducted between the Brilliant Link implementation consultant and process owners within Ocular.

Based on these discussions, a final scope was approved by Ocular which was used as a blueprint for the build of the database, and subsequent implementation.

Role-specific training sessions were conducted at Ocular’s office in Bryanston, with users given the opportunity to process in a sandbox environment of Evolution, which allowed for process and database configuration setup to be refined.

Contact management was implemented, which the sales team will use to create prospective customers, process initial quotes which can be converted to sales orders and invoices against projects once Ocular has officially entered into business with the clients.

Inventory groups were setup in order to facilitate posting to various general ledger accounts based on Ocular’s diverse product and service offerings, and to meet reporting requirements.

The Multi-Currency add-on was implemented in order to facilitate processing in US dollars.