Brilliant Link Sage Evolution Case Study: Global Parts

About the Company

Company Name: Global Parts (Pty) Ltd

Industry: Vehicle parts

Software Used: Sage Evolution

Sage Evolution Case Study: Global Parts Project Description

Global Parts is a supplier of quality motor parts for Volkswagen, Mercedes, BMW, Audi and Opel. With branches in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Windhoek, the company relies on the use of superior quality software to ensure that stock levels are accurately maintained and prices constantly revised, so that all client requests can be dealt with efficiently. The sales team also receives ongoing training and has access to the state-of-the-art database to assist with multiple customer requests.
This Sage Evolution case study revealed that the installation for a motor parts company was an extremely intricate process. All part numbers had to be consolidated and accurate in order for the company to effectively carry out its business.

Sage Evolution Case Study: Global Parts Final Result

Brilliant Link managed to overcome many of the difficulties by creating a unique system for Global Parts so that the company is able to link all part numbers in the system. The Global Parts set-up allows the client to be able to add unlimited user-defined fields.

The Sage Evolution software package which Brilliant Link efficiently installed has provided Global Parts with:

  • The ability to effortlessly handle large volumes of information regarding part numbers;
  • The ability to check and re-order stock timeously;
  • Outstanding stability;
  • Ease of use, which makes training quick and easy;
  • An intuitive software product;
  • Extensively used priority reports; and
  • The ability to serve its client needs more efficiently.

Mike Miller, director of Global Parts, says: “We were able to start streamlining our business and could see on the system which part numbers were not being used and therefore could be phased out. With the unique view, the company is also able to export information into Excel for management planning and prompt re-ordering. We can also receive part numbers for 100 items from suppliers at a time and easily import them into our system.”

Sage Evolution Case Study: Global Parts Client Testimonial

Since Brilliant Link took over the process, it has been quite smooth and we are extremely pleased with the product and service we have received thus far. Brilliant Link has understood our needs from the beginning and delivered each and every time with great success.
Mike MillerDirector of Global Parts