What’s New on the New Sage 200 Evolution Version 10.1 Update?

The Sage 200 Evolution Version 10.1 Update incorporates all your suggestions, and your valued feedback was the source of all the latest enhancements and add-on modules. Our goal is to supply you with the highest level of flexibility, efficiency, and, most importantly, control in your business.

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What has changed in the Sage 200 Evolution 10.1 Update?

We continuously invest in research and development to ensure that you are kept up to date with the latest and most cutting-edge business management software.

  • New Job Costing Option

    We’ve added an option on the Defaults to show a message when a job card is completed to indicate that there is a Work In Progress. For larger jobs, a new option is available on the job card to select all the lines to be invoiced.

  • Exciting Email Enhancements

    You will now have the ability to email statements, remittances, invoices, and credit notes as attachments to multiple email recipients that you have set up on customer and supplier profiles.

  • Updated Tax Module

    Take advantage of the enhanced tax module and get reports on Out of Period Transactions.Set your Start Period for the tax period and your desired Tax Reporting Frequency.Tax Box and Tax Listing reports can be run for Closed Periods and we have also added options to view the Out of Period Transactions.

  • Simplified Registration Changes

    You can automatically renew registration details by simply entering your Sage Evolution Serial number. The latest registration code details will be retrieved when you log in to the database.

  • Multiple Currencies for Retail Point of Sale

    Perhaps you are operating in varying environments and need to trade in more than one currency. With this new feature for the Retail Point of Sale module, you can accept tender in other currencies, give change in that currency and also cash up in more than one currency.

  • General Ledger Transactional Export

    Exporting your data has never been simpler. Sage Evolution 10.1 update allows a user to export transactions directly to Microsoft Excel. As per your general ledger account, you can export directly to an Excel spreadsheet for a specific period range

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