As those in the manufacturing industry know, enterprise resource planning (ERP) is key to ensuring that processes run like a well-oiled machine. Finding the right manufacturing software package for your business, such as Xperdyte Manufacturing, could make a substantial difference to your bottom line. Xperdyte takes a holistic view of your manufacturing and planning requirements, providing a solution that’s both cost-effective and user-friendly.

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What benefits can I expect from using Xperdyte in my business?

Xyperdyte Manufacturing integrates seamlessly with Sage Evolution, consolidating the control of your manufacturing process and helping you stay on top of your business. This accounting software package also provides insight into every facet from material requirement planning to production scheduling, and streamlines every component of the manufacturing process. Xperdyte has been based on the principles of lean manufacturing, avoiding unnecessary waste and boosting profits.

Xperdyte Manufacturing assists in planning, tracking and recording your output on a daily basis. Downtime means output is compromised, which can lead to a loss of income, but this tool ensures you have adequate resources for every project, keeping the production process running smoothly and minimising downtime.

How does Xperdyte integrate with Sage Evolution?

Xperdyte integrates with Sage Evolution accounting software by extracting information from the Inventory and Bill Of Materials module, managing the calculations across the production process, before returning these finished items at various costing methods into Sage Evolution. If there are any variations between Standard and Actual, Xperdyte will post these differentiations into a manufacturing variance account.

What functions does Xperdyte perform?

  • Serial Tracking: Xperdyte caters for strict serial number tracking across components and manufactured items allowing for accurate audit on inventory quantities.
  • Lot Tracking: Easily keep tabs on several units of a stock item by using the lot number. From expiry dates to user-defined status, Xperdyte gives you total control over your inventory.
  • Bill of Materials: Gain complete control over Bill of Materials (BoMs) and create accurate costings and maintain efficiency. Set standards including Elements of Costs, Machine Overheads, Materials and Components, Labour and Setup Time, Outwork or Buyouts, and other cost types. Additionally, you can create multiple BoMs, set up quality-control test methods and True Production costing, among others.
  • Production Scheduling: Plan and coordinate scheduling of production tasks at the touch of a button. With Xperdyte Manufacturing you can schedule Works Orders at Work Centre-level and track both the machine and operators assigned to the Works Order, and provide feedback from the factory.
  • Project Milestone Planning: Track the performance of plans against actual performance, easily and accurately.
  • Material Requirement Planning: You will be able to guarantee that products are available for customers and materials are in stock for production; plan your manufacturing projects, manage your delivery schedule and purchasing trends; and keep the lowest possible levels of both materials and production in store.
  • Work in Progress: Measure production performance with Works Orders by recording the usage of materials, labour, setup and labour time, machines, outwork or any additional costs incurred. Xperdyte provides a number of costing methods, including Standard Cost, Actual Cost and Set Cost.
  • Production Decanting: If you need to decant a stock item, Xperdyte gives you full control of the process, including tracking which items are taken out of stock to manufacture the decanted product, returning any materials which are considered reusable and even determining the nett cost of the decanted item.

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