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How Self-Service Solutions Improve Employee Engagement

It’s normal for businesses to focus 100% of their energy on customers. However, it is quite simple to forget another key stakeholder of your business. Your employees. Your team is essential in delivering that amazing customer experience. It is just as important that you ensure that they are equipped with the right tools to deliver that experience. In this guide, we discuss how self-service solutions improve employee engagement.

Your employee’s experience will directly affect your customer’s experience. We all remember the phase when most businesses, inspired by the likes of Google, installed table soccer and ping-pong tables to enhance the employee experience. However, sometimes that’s not necessary. Simply offering systems that make your employee’s life simpler can do the trick.

Empowering your employees with self-service tools

Self-service tools empower your team to do more on their own. For example, an employee self-service tool that allows staff to apply for leave may enhance their experience. There’s nothing more awkward than having to walk to the HR office to fill out a manual form and have a quick chat about that rash that you are about to go get checked out at the doctor.

Simple tools such as these may seem insignificant, but they truly improve the employee experience, which in turn rolls over to the client experience. They allow teams to manage their workplace admin in their own time and boost overall morale and engagement.

Checklist for the right ESS tools

Firstly, you should ensure that the system you select is customizable to your unique business needs. Much like people, businesses are different. It is important to choose a system that caters to what you need.

Secondly, in an increasingly digital world, you need to select a system that is mobile-compatible. Nothing beats being able to handle mundane tasks on the go.

Lastly, your HR self-service tools should provide a personalized experience. Ensuring that employees can access their personal data and other information that is relevant to their roles.

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