the full customer journey of why global parts chose sage 200 evolution at brilliant link

Global Parts Sage 200 Evolution Customer Testimonial

Global Parts unique software requirements

Accuracy, excellent customer service, and ease of use were critical in the implementation of Pastel Evolution Software at Global Parts (Pty) Ltd – and once again Brilliant Link delivered.

Brilliant Link, a full-service Pastel Evolution Software provider, and its staff pride themselves on the strength of the customer relationships, sound business integrity and commitment to service that has earned the company a formidable reputation amongst its client base. Global Parts, founded in 1988 is a supplier of quality replacement parts for Volkswagen, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, and recently Opel. With branches in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Windhoek, the company relies on the use of superior quality software to ensure that stock levels are accurately maintained and prices constantly revised, so that all client requests can be dealt with efficiently.

The sales team also receives ongoing training and has access to the state-of-the-art database to assist with multiple customer requests. It was Brilliant Link that was able to seamlessly consult, implement, and provide the ongoing support of the Pastel Evolution software at Global Parts some three years ago. Mike Miller, Director of Global Parts says that previously the company used an alternative software product specifically for the motor parts industry. “Although the software was excellent, we found that we had a difficult time with the service provider and found it almost impossible to get proper support and upgrades,” he says. At this point, a staff member suggested that the company move over to the Pastel Evolution software.

“The first installation attempt was problematic, but then we called Pastel again, and they recommended the services of Brilliant Link,” says Miller. “Since Brilliant Link took over the process it has been quite smooth and we are extremely pleased with the product and service we have received thus far.”

“The installation of software for a motor parts company was an extremely intricate process. All part numbers had to be consolidated and accurate in order for the company to effectively carry out its business,” says Stef Fourie Managing Director of Brilliant Link. Brilliant Link managed to overcome many of the difficulties by creating a unique system for Global Parts so that the company is able to link all part numbers in the system.

global parts sage 200 evolution customer testimonial

The Global Parts set up allows the client to be able to add unlimited user-defined fields.

Brilliant Link has developed many third-party applications that integrate seamlessly with the pastel evolution software range.

Mike Miller says that the installation of the Pastel Evolution software allowed the company to start making some positive changes to the business. “We were able to start streamlining our business and could see on the system which part numbers were not being used and could therefore be phased out. With the unique view, the company is also able to export information into Excel for management planning and prompt re-ordering. We can also
receive part numbers for a 100 items from suppliers at a time and easily import them into our system.”

An accurate product inventory is crucial to the success of a motor parts company, without it the company is unable to do forecasts, place orders and do accurate reporting. Miller says that Global Parts is particularly pleased with the unique view option, whereby staff members can look at the grid and view as much information as possible.

The Cape Town branch is constantly online with Johannesburg and the Windhoek branch can log on whenever they require information. Global Parts is now considering also adding the Pastel Evolution addon module Business Intelligence Centre with Brilliant Link.

“Working with Global Parts has been a exceptional experience for us at Brilliant Link as well and the Pastel Software is able to overcome a great deal of challenges,” says Stef Fourie, Managing Director at Brilliant Link. “Global Parts has high quality staff who know what they want from their choice of software and software provider. We were instantly impressed by the quality and accuracy of their stock control,” he says.

The Pastel Evolution Software package, in partnership with the efficient installation by Brilliant Link, has provided Global Parts with:
• The ability to effortlessly handle large volumes of information regarding part numbers;
• The ability to check and re-order stock timeously;
• Outstanding stability;
• Ease of use, which makes training quick and easy;
• An intuitive software product;
• Extensively used priority reports;
• And it allows Global Parts to serve its client needs more efficiently.
Pastel has also played a significant role in this process, being a specialist in financial software since 1998, it is able to offer clients an extremely competent package and continuous support, coupled with an extremely efficient call centre, and clients such as Global Parts are often able to resolve issues on the phone timeously, without jeopardising productivity. Says Miller: “Brilliant Link has understood our needs from the beginning and delivered each and every time with great success.”