ERP Data Visualization in 2022

ERP Data Visualization

Gone are the days when you could simply look at rows of figures on Excel spreadsheets for hours on end. ERP data visualization tools offer the opportunity for faster decision-making through reports and dashboards. It makes it simpler to understand trends and identify problems before it is too late. But to also identify opportunities early and carve a solid competitive advantage. In this guide, we discuss business intelligence and ERP data visualization.

A snapshot of your business

A business snapshot provides a visual summary of how your business generates sales, manages expenses, and creates profits. It shows whether your business has made or lost money in the period under review, which can also help determine trends for future business decisions.

Sales trend analysis

A sales trend analysis dashboard can track sales performance month-on-month or year-on-year and break down sales by region, salesperson, and customer, or by quotes and estimates. This can help you decide where to invest or where to deploy sales resources to create optimal growth.

Financial Hygiene

Monitoring cash flow is an essential ingredient to the survival and success of any business. You could use dashboards to track inbound and outbound transactions, immediately see how much is sitting in your bank account, what payments are due to suppliers, service providers, and the South African Revenue Services (SARS).

Age analysis

An analysis dashboard of aged debtors can provide an overview of who owes you cash, how much, and when you can expect to receive it from overdue customers.

ERP Data Visualization in 2022

Business intelligence and reporting analytics enable you and your team to drive value from the increasing amounts of data that all businesses are generating today. The benefits range from basic efficiencies to gaining insights that enable you to seize a real competitive advantage. Today, the technology is so simple to use and easy to implement.

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