Software & Technology

With new high tech solutions that are ever evolving, Acumatica Cloud ERP is ready to help you bring this to the market.

Disruptive challenges that are ongoing

New challenges and opportunities for software and technology are offered in the waves of globalisation, Internet of Things and virtualisation. This environment is a competitive one and so client management and technical plans to execute can be tough. This is where ERP software can assist.

This software allows tracking of IT project time and materials, comparisons between estimated and actual costs, management of billing and integrated data with the company’s financial reporting software.

Acumatica believes that an integrated Cloud ERP allows for improved CRM, project management, order processing and accounting to to take place, specifically tailored to the software and technology industry.

The market is dynamic
This is an environment of change, and you need to ensure that you have the competitive edge.
Be responsive to change
Business requirements are always changing, and so we need to ensure that we adapt.
Critical applications
Ensure that your applications have the specific functionality for today’s industry needs.
You can be productive from wherever you are
With the new global mobile workforce, there is a high demand to be online and productive easily and wherever you are. We are accessible.
As software developers, we found Acumatica’s technology to be elegant, adaptable, and stable. In the era of cloud computing, you do not want to select technology that is decades old.
Auri KostamaHead of Finance & Administration SmartTrade Technologies

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