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Driving profitability through customer satisfaction

Whether it is a long-term project that is complex and challenging or a short job that has a quick turnaround time, success will be measured on acquiring and retaining your clients while the work is executed in a profitable manner and efficiently.

The main starting point should be to manage your client relationships and ensure that you’re meeting your deadlines. Value is essential, and so you need to make sure that you’re competing in this space as well as continuing a strong customer relationship.

Using an integrated business ERP for this industry will be able to provide you with a full 360 view of your client’s requests, projects and activities. With Acumatica, this allows you to help tackle the issues of customer relations and productivity as well as staying ahead of the competition.

Acumatica’s unique consumption based licensing model assists small, medium and large businesses with integrated financials, customer management, project cost tracking, automation of services and time/expense management.

Quick responses
Acumatica aims to grow billings and profitability by ensuring that opportunities are leveraged right away.
Powerful relationships
We encourage that a customer’s satisfaction should be your highest priority.
Profitable and memorable service
Deliver services on time and within your budget, ensuring that no surprises pop up along the way.
Increased productivity
Using insightful data, Acumatica focuses on improving productivity.
Acumatica’s flexibility allows us to customize it to the unique way we do business, and it integrates easily with third-party software. Acumatica has all the modern features we need to be competitive.
Marthese VellaCIO, Azure Services Ltd. Malta

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