A solution for a Professional Services Lead

Valuable insights that make a difference to your service delivery

You’re responsible for overseeing the professional services provided by your business, having the title of Director of Client Services, VP of Professional Services or Chief Operations Officer. We understand that you need to stay on top of your service quality and timelines that come with it, whether it be training your staff or establishing new delivery methods in order to meet the customers’ demands and expectations.

We encourage you to use a solution that provides access to all aspects of your service delivery (availability to client satisfaction) that will assist the following responsibilities that you have:

  • Establishing service delivery methods or tools.
  • Providing prompt and accurate service to customers.
  • Working alongside project managers and support teams to resolve any issues that are affecting project completion.
  • Serve as the executive escalation contact for client issues that are critical.

Take a closer look at what Acumatica can do for you and your company:

Improve visibility into data across all functions

  • Access real-time reporting and dashboards to pull together required information to monitor KPIs. Acumatica’s Project Accounting is integrated with other suites to let you drill down and examine details.
  • Know how your department is performing at all times using Acumatica’s integrated view of:
    • Sales and purchase order management
    • Service and support automation
    • Project cost tracking
    • Time and expense
    • Material requirements
    • And more

Forecast demand and staff accordingly

  • Gain clarity on your professional services pipeline with Acumatica’s complete solution, including customer and opportunity management.

Respond to client pressure to deliver more in less time

  • Know resource allocation, project budgets, and deliver dates using Acumatica’s Project Accounting.
  • Track project actuals to help avoid overruns.

Accuracy in project pricing

  • Gain valuable insights through detailed project-based reporting to help you understand past project profitability, allowing you to adjust accordingly for future work.

Here are some KPIs that you might want to set up and monitor:

    • Average bill rate
    • Bid-to-win ratio
    • Realised bill rate
    • Average deal size
    • Asset/employee utilisation (hours)
    • Services profitability
    • Projects completed on time and on budget
    • Services revenue

Why should you choose Acumatica?

Acumatica is an integrated Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) business solution that assists in helping run your business more effectively, providing you with a full view of the company in real time to allow you to make fast and accurate decisions. From accounting, to CRM, to manufacturing or distrbution, Acumatica uses a technical platform which can be used on premise or in the Cloud.

We do not charge by the number of users that need to access the system, but rather by the resources that your company needs to use. This then means that all staff in your business are able to access information they need for their role or to improve the business situation, without any additional cost to you.

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