Other Industries

With the latest cloud technology, Acumatica was designed to be agile and serve a wide range of industries.

Building a strong foundation

Acumatica is based on the Acumatica Cloud xRP Platform, built on the best Cloud and mobile technology in the world. This focuses on providing a foundation where a wide range of business industries are able to use this technology and apply it to their business, thus being easily arranged to meet each customer’s needs and then have the ability to integrate to other Cloud applications.

Acumatica has a wide range of customers in the below other industries:

  • Agriculture and farming
  • Government contractors
  • Chemicals
  • Healthcare
  • Construction
  • Non-profit
  • Education
  • Property management
  • Energy and utilities
  • Telecommunications
  • Equipment rental
  • Transportation
  • Food and beverage
  • Travel and hospitality
  • Many other industries

Acumatica provides the following benefits, that can be felt from customers in any industry:

  • A product and service that is mobile, and can be accessed from anywhere at any time.
  • Acumatica is scalable and so changes as your resource demands do.
  • Has multi-currency capabilities and so is ready for any global direction of the company.
  • Adaptable and agile to meet any changes required.
Acumatica is definitely a financial and operations platform that is helping GCP get to the data it needs to make decisions and execute operations quickly and efficiently. I’m pretty excited about what it’s going to look like going forward!
Jerry WallaceDirector of Operations Great Commission Publications

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