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Your title could range from IT Director, VP of IT, CIO or CTO; but your focus is on the company’s information technology operations. You have a lot that goes on in your work day with maintaining the technical equipment of the company, keeping updated with the latest technology tools, forecasting budget and dealing with staff demands.

Your responsibilities should include:

  • Keep technology tools running and updated.
  • Participate in vendor contract negotiations for all equipment and software purchased for the business.
  • Oversee IT operations.
  • Develop and manage the IT expense and capital expenditures, financial plans and forecasts.
  • Ensure software and hardware are maintained and updated.

Take a closer look at what Acumatica can do for you and your company:

Utilizing the cloud and all it has to offer while maximizing IT spend and uptime

  • Leverage Acumatica’s deployment flexibility to build and evolve a cloud strategy that works for you, whether you run it on premise, in the cloud, or a hybrid.

Get the most out of the ERP system without extensive IT support required

  • Eliminate common pain points associated with disparate business systems, such as: Poor analytics, unsupported/rigid/proprietary technology, and poorly integrated hardware and software components.
  • Acumatica is built for the cloud, including the ability to deploy any and all functionality to mobile applications and responsive webpages.

Customize and tailor the system to respond to unique requirements

  • Tailor Acumatica to how your company functions.
  • Easily customise Acumatica using standard development tools, such as Microsoft .NET and C#.
  • Integrate with other software products with Acumatica’s web services.

Deliver business intelligence and analytics capabilities

  • Give everyone in your organisation access to the data and tools they need to develop deep insight and stay on top of KPIs with integration to Microsoft’s Power BI.

User security as well as data security with back up

  • Acumatica has several levels of security in the standard product.
  • Using the SaaS deployment option automatically provides the data backup and recovery through AWS.

Here are some KPIs that you might want to set up and monitor:

    • IT support ticket performance
    • 100% cyber security
    • IT spend
    • IT staff productivity
    • Technology uptime
    • % of applicable solutions available
    • On-time and on-budget projects

Why should you choose Acumatica?

Acumatica is an integrated Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) business solution that assists in helping run your business more effectively, providing you with a full view of the company in real time to allow you to make fast and accurate decisions. From accounting, to CRM, to manufacturing or distrbution, Acumatica uses a technical platform which can be used on premise or in the Cloud.

We do not charge by the number of users that need to access the system, but rather by the resources that your company needs to use. This then means that all staff in your business are able to access information they need for their role or to improve the business situation, without any additional cost to you.

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